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Established in 1897, Käfertal is a northern suburb of Mannheim.

Along with the old center of town it is represented by: the industrial area in the west; a relatively new residential area in the north; the region up to the Käfertal Forest, Käfertal North; the American Benjamin-Franklin-Village, Käfertal South; and finally the "Rott", where new residential houses have been being built since 1993. Käfertal has a total of over 20,000 residents.

Only the old-established families of farmers and craftsmen represented the social structure of the town towards the end of the last century. But then came the influence of the growing population of factory workers with the expansion of the industrial settlement on the former Käfertal landmark.


Today the factory workers have fully integrated into the social life Käfertal making it what it is: a modern suburb in which the citizens keep to their traditions and characteristic pecularities, but at the same time approach new and different things open-minded and integrate newcomers into their community. Käfertal is a cultural smorgasbord consisting of families of Italian, Spanish, Croatian, Serb, Greek and Turkish heritage. While the grandparents arrived to only work here for several years and then return to their home country, their grandchildren have settled here permanently. This gives Käfertal a high-quality international gastronomy and adds to the already attractive shopping.

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One characteristic of Käfertal that many visitors describe is the calmness with which things are done around here. Most things are tackled and successfully completed in an understated way. This can be seen particularly in the engagement of the clubs of Käfertal.

The suburb is not only a center of the Carneval with its famous "Löwenjäger" that extend far beyond city limits, but also for the street festival of Käfertal that happens every June almost like a southern Fiesta.

Former habitants of Käfertal from all over the world show up every year at the street festival, stay with friends for three days, and on Sunday night announce with teary eyes that they will be back next June. One used the following words when saying goodbye:

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Translation: Brett Bouet

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